Our Mission

716 Realty Group WNY was formed with the intent of building Western New York’s best Real Estate brokerage. Our agents work every day on improving their client’s experience. 716 Realty Group WNY’s modern approach to real estate has helped them climb the ranks to becoming one of Western New York’s top brokerages without losing track of one of our core beliefs; to give back to our community.

When buying or selling real estate you want to work with a company that you know has your best interest at heart. 716 Realty Group WNY brings over 200 years of combined experience to the ever-changing real estate market. We are here to help guide our clients through every step of the process.

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Commercial Team

Gregory Straus - Broker/CEO

Gregory Straus has nearly a decade of experience working with business and investment clients across WNY. He has been recognized as a Top 100 Realtor and handles all sales across our firm. Greg oversees all 10 offices of 716 Realty Group WNY and its growing team of over 60+ sales professionals.


Jim Bodecker - President

Jim Bodecker brings tremendous experience to the commercial real estate team at 716 including representing numerous local and multinational corporations with leasing and purchase transactions. Jim also is well versed in solar development which he actively participates in from land acquisition through construction.


Michael Cipolla - Agent

Michael Cipolla is a seasoned commercial real estate practitioner with experience in sales and leasing for our clients. His commercial network reaches as far as Las Vegas, Toronto, NYC and many other North American cities. He is also a licensed contractor which comes in handy working with numerous renovation and rehab projects across WNY.


Amanda McCrady - Agent

Amanda McCrady has over 20 years experience in real estate, both with residential transactions and with commercial developments utilizing tax credits to finance affordable housing and community developments locally and nationally. In addition to commercial sales, Amanda provides marketing and administrative support to the 716 commercial real estate team.


Jeffrey Lorka - Agent

Jeffrey Lorka has been a successful real estate agent over the last five years and is a tremendous asset to our 716 commercial team. His ability to adapt and learn in any situation is what helps him do the best he can for his clients.


Seneca One Tower

Our Location

716 Commercial is located in one of Buffalo’s prized possessions of Seneca One Tower. It is our privilege to operate out of such a location that represents the resurgence of Buffalo as a whole community.  


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